Services | Tanks & Pumps

Oakland Oil & Propane offers on-site tank service to keep our customer’s equipment fueled and ready to operate. We provide a full line of specialized fuel tanks ranging in capacity from 275-15,000-gallons. Our tanks are double-walled and are equipped to track the number of gallons used. All tanks are OSHA approved and available for both lease or sale.

Our tank maintenance division will deliver our customer's tanks in a timely manner and will be available 24/7 to service any maintenance issues that may arise.

We provide multiple pump choices including 12-volt pumps, 110-volt pumps, 240-volt pumps and many more. Our high speed 110- or 12-volt pumps are capable of pumping up to 30 – 35 gallons of fuel per minute. Our 240-volt pumps are capable of pumping 80 plus gallons of fuel per minute. All of our pumps come equipped with meters, filters and our customer’s choice of farm/auto nozzle.